Teami Blends Review, IT WORKS!!

November 7, 2015

Hello, Hello, Hello!

Okay so i’m just going to get right to the point, for anyone of you guys that follow me on my social media sites, you all know that I only drink Teami Tea!

I have been having the 30day detox tea which has the Morning “skinny tea” and the Evening “colon cleanse” and it has changed my metabolism dramatically,

Bit of background on my metabolism:

  • It was extremely slow
  • could only eat certain things
  • wouldn’t digest quickly
  • prevented fat loss
  • constantly bloated/ slugish feeling

Wth that said metabolism is one of the most important things when it comes to fat & weight loss.

Teami Blends has helped me boost my metabolism which has aided me in  dropping around 6kg in the space of 30days.

Teami Blends Transformation.

Apart from a protein shake that I take after my workouts I will only drink Teami Blends in the morning and before bed. I would highly recommend regular workouts, even if it is 3-4times a week and eating clean, this way you will get the full benefits of this tea!

For all the NON-TEA drinkers out there, I have a confession to make! I was never a tea drinker (more of a coffee addict) I hated the taste and the smell however this tea is super yummy and I can drink it without adding any sugar or milk! I still drink this tea everyday, love the way it makes me feel and the changes I saw in my metabolism, from me this gets 5*+!

I have a coupon code for everyone that wants to purchase this tea and start their weightless journey Use code BW10 at the checkout

If anyone has any questions either reach out to me on social media or email me 🙂

I wish you all the very best on your new journey, you can thank me later ;).

Lisi xoxo

shed fat and weight faster then I usually would without it.

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