SPA day at Lotus Wellness Spa

April 7, 2016

Hello my loves,

I hope all is well on your end.

For all of you that have followed me for a while know I love my SPA days. I don’t see the “SPA’ as a luxury element, but as an essential for your health, wellbeing, maintaiance and, well, the obvious day of pampering.

There is so many benefits from going to the SPA once every two days, to once every two months. I have had a few chest problems and breathing problems when I would sleep but when I started to frequent the SPA (sauna, steam, salt rooms, etc) I felt better than ever.

Whenever I go away, out of the country or within the UK, the first thing I will search for is a well known SPA in the Area. If you followed me on Snapchat (beautywurldxoxo) you would of seen that my most recent travel, with the Mr, was to my home country, Albania.

There I found Lotus Wellness SPA, which is a very well known SPA, where celebrities go and relax on a weekly basis. It was just me my Fiancé, we had hired out the downstairs area of the SPA all to our selves, which was absolutely amazing. The services which we had lined up for the day were:

  • Sauna
  • Steam
  • Relaxation room, hot marble chairs
  • Champagne, fruits, juices, tea’s and coffee
  •  Private Jacuzzi room
  • Couples massage
  • Hair blow dry

On arrival, we were greeted and directed to our “quarters” down stairs at the SPA area. Upstairs was the reception and underground the SPA was situated. We were given our robes and slippers and shown around. Me and the Mr then indulged in the sauna, steam, relaxation room and so on. (pictures will be shown below).


The Sauna

I loved the sauna because it wasn’t an electric one but a wooden sauna where you would pour the lavender water upon the rocks and enjoy the wonderful musk wooden aroma and heat it let off. Having been to both wooden and electric Sauna, I am abel to tell the difference and feel the benefits it has on my skin and body’s detoxification.

Relaxation room

Relaxation room

The ambiance in the relaxation room was so relaxing, calming, and romantic, my hubby even turned to me and said that this is one of the best relaxation rooms he’s ever seen. The service was amazing, the therapists asked us what we would liked to drink and we tried a variation of drinks, but the ones that I loved the most was the juice, freshly blended coffee and the champagne which we had  after we had our jacuzzi session. After our couples massage we relaxed by the fireplace with a cup of coffee, absolutely perfect.


The private jacuzzi room

The private jacuzzi room

This I must say was the highlight of our day, the jacuzzi room was super relaxing and romantic. The therapists didn’t once interrupt us, only when they came to serve us fresh fruit and veg, which I must say suited the ambiance of the room. The water was at perfect temperature with hydromassage, cute lights and adorable lilly-pads to suit our couples day.

After the Jacuzzi room we had our couples massage which I can honestly say I fell asleep through, hands down one of the best massages I have had at a SPA.

Overall I loved Lotus wellness SPA, I want to say a huge thank you to the staff and the therapists that made our day with their immaculate service, I highly recommend this SPA to anyone who is going to Albania it is so worth it. Me and the Mr had an amazing time!!

Until next time,

Much love,

-Lisi xo

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