My Skincare Routine

July 4, 2015

Hello once again my lovelies,

So as promised in this post I will go through my skincare routine, what I use and affordable alternatives and how this has helped me clear my skin up!

First things first, not all skin types are the same, that will mean that some of the products I use/ recommend may not be suitable for your skin type. My skin type is normal to combination (in certain areas). I do not have super oily skin however some products such as the masks and scrubs will still help clear your skin up all you need to do is change the serum/ moisturiser used.

Step 1: The “Cleanse” 

Cleansers I use "Soap and Glory"

Cleansers I use “Soap and Glory”

I will cleanse my face in the morning when I wake up and before I go to bed with warm water and the two products you can see in the image above. Soap and Glory Deep Cleansing Milk and Vitamin C Facial Wash (this one is a scrub).

These two products are amazing and last so long, for facial cleansers I found them super affordable and genuinely clean your skin up. Soap and glory is my all time favourite brand when it comes to their scrubs.  These are the two products that I use on a daily basis to not only wash my face but deep clean the excess make-up or very hard make-up to remove, (the cleansing milk is an amazing make-up remover).

Step 2: “Moisture and Glow”

My main moisturisers  Time Delay and La prairie white caviar

My main moisturisers
Time Delay and La prairie white caviar

Okay when it comes to moisturisers I have tried Hundreds and I have got to say that these two will always remain my faves! I use Time Delay day cream as my daily moisturiser that helps with keeping my skin hydrated and adding that extra glow to it, this cream can also be used as a primer underneath your make-up. Time Delay as a brand is very affordable and can be picked up either on-line or at your local beauty store (here in the UK go to Boots). As for La prairie this is a very pricey serum which when I bought it was around £300 but this was to help with certain areas on my face where the pigmentation was off and discoloured in comparison to my face. For me this personally worked but please ask a La Prairie consultant if it is for your skin and if it will help.

Step 3: “Taking off the Mask”

Glam Glow supermud mask and TruOrganics

Glam Glow supermud mask and TruSelf Organics

I am a true advocate when it comes to facial masks and I absolutely swear by these two featured in the picture above. A good facial mask can be the source of maintaining the skins radiance and rejuvenation which will allow you to look flawless with or without make-up on your face. The two masks I use are Glam Glow- super-mud (a bit pricey but worth it) and TruSelf Organics (cheaper- check out my previous posts for the review). Both of the masks above are amazing when it comes to tightening pores, removing blemishes and leaving your skin smooth and radiant, I will give myself a facial minimum of two times a week.

Overall the the products I have now grown accustom to has taken me a couple of years to find (after trying many junk products/ false advertised) and it has made a huge change in my skins condition. With that said I truly believe that ones skin care routine is the most important step when it comes to having flawless make-up or just beautiful skin.

I hope this post has helped you dolls, take care and stay safe!

Lisi xoxo 

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