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March 13, 2016
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Hello Munchkins!!


I’m back with another product review, this one is about makeup organisers.

Before I start I just want to let you guys know that keeping my makeup organised is probably the biggest pain, and chore for any beauty blogger or makeup artist.

I recently got hold of a makeup organiser from the luxury brand @LucysBeautyBox (
check her IG out!), and I promise you guys that it has been the best move ever. My vanity has never been so organised and so clean. I am able to find everything when i get ready, film or have clients round. It has  split compartments so you can organise by category (concealers, eyeliners, lip glosses etc.).

Lucy's Beauty Box Filled up

Lucy’s Beauty Box Filled up

When i look to purchase anything I have to make sure it meets my standards. Quality to me is very, very important. Lucy’s beauty box has the best manufacturers, they are located here in the UK and they also manufacture for well known prestigious brands such as Chanel and Lancome. This means that the acrylic is scratch proof and won’t stain like the cheap alternative organisers.

Having a lot of makeup comes with having a lot of organisers. When i first started blogging and makeup artistry I would always go for the cheap options, let me tell you within the first 2months they would be scratched up and chipped, I would constantly repurchase cheaper options till i realised that they are costing me more than just purchasing a good quality one.

The box is big enough to hold all of my essentials, the acrylic is strong and scratch proof (amazing quality) and to top it off, IT HAS CRYSTAL HANDLES. One thing I absolutely LOVED was that Lucy’s Beauty Box has a clear acrylic box and a black acrylic box, they are both super stunning.

I can honestly say Lucy’s Beauty Box is one of my favourite brands for makeup organisers, defiantly has the green light from me.

I will list below her Instagram and her website if anyone does want to invest in a beautiful new home for their makeup :).

Instagram- @Lucysbeautybox


Much Love,

– Lisi xo

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