Hair care routine- maintaining curly, damaged, bleached, coloured, hair

June 9, 2015

Hello Loves! 

I get so many questions on how I manage my hair/ curls, what products I use whether they be styling, serums or heat styling products. 

First of all let me just say that I HAD very damaged hair, I bleached my hair 5times in a row, and no not just my roots but my whole head, and have dyed it a numerous amount of times, I can’t even count. So with that said my curls weren’t curls anymore and my hair was dry and extremely damaged. 

I have tried a so many products but found the right ones that worked with my hair and hair texture. I use argan and Moroccan oil base products.


shampoo and conditioner i use

 These are the organix hair care products, I love and recommend them to anyone. You can find them at Boots if you are in the UK and online if you are internationally (I’m not sure if they are available at drugstores but please check). They help with adding the softness and body back to your hair, especially if it is damaged.

Deep conditioning mask

 After much money wasted on hair salons and many many useless deep conditioning masks, I have hit the jackpot with this one. It is amazing it leaves your hair replenished and super soft and manageable. This is excellent for bleached or lightened hair it will hydrate your roots and restore the body back to your hair. I use this mask two times a week and I saw a HUGE difference after the very first use. STAMP OF APPROVAL!!!


Pure Argan Oil

 My last step after bathing I apply pure argan oil NOT THE PROCESSED ONES!! I have found that the pure one hydrates my hair more without the sticky feeling.
I hope this has answered the questions many of you have asked on what products I currently use. I have a bunch of products to review when it comes to hair care, this will be live on my blog shortly. 

Much Love and stay safe Dolls XOXOXO 

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